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The Bread & Roses Strike

The 100th Anniversary of the Great Lawrence Strike of 1912, popularly referred to as the Bread & Roses Strike, begins January 2012. A number of events have been planned to commemorate this historically significant event. The Bread and Roses Centennial …

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LAWCHA Labor History Links

The most comprehensive bibliography of information, documents and links of U.S. labor history sites on the Internet.

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Wisconsin Teaching Labor History Law

Nearly a decade after Wisconsin passed a law declaring that the teaching of labor history must be part of the teaching standards for the state’s children, it is near to becoming reality.

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Labor History Timelines

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Harry Renton Bridges

Melbourne, Australia

Fifteen years after he set foot in San Francisco 1920, Harry Bridges was at the forefront of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), which was the first US union to actively fight against racism. He led the longshoreman’s San Francisco General Strike (May 9, 1934), notable for “Bloody Thursday” and being first industry-wide strike in US history…

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The History of Labor Day

Click this link to learn about The History of Labor Day.

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A Cry for Justice: The Voices of Chinese Workers

Click this link to read about: “A Cry for Justice: The Voices of Chinese Workers”

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Courses on Labor History and Related Topics

The American Labor Studies Center receives numerous inquires from teachers who are interested in
locating a complete course of study on the topic of labor history. Often they hope to have their
school district adopt a version of the course as an elective offering or, at the very least, they
plan to select certain topics for inclusion in a specific course they are already responsible for

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Employee Free Choice Act & Labor Law History

The Employee Free Choice Act, supported by a bipartisan coalition in Congress, would enable working people to bargain for better benefits, wages and working conditions by restoring workers’ freedom to choose for themselves whether to join a union…

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