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The Films

If You Don’t Come in on Sunday, Don’t Come in on Monday The Review ( Order Information Order Online Here (click here to download form) MEI Publishing Inc. 44424 Oriole Dr. #203 Fort Mill, SC 29707-5953 Phone: (718)548-4200 Fax: (718)548-4202 …

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Labor Songs

Using Songs to Teach Labor History

The American labor movement has a long and rich heritage of song. Like hymns and patriotic songs, union songs are songs with a message. Thousands have been written by union members and others over the years. These men and women, black and white, native American and foreign born, created their own literature reflecting every aspect of life in the mines, mills, factories, shops and farms where they were forced to labor…

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Merrimack Films – producer and distributor of videos on labor relations.

Films with an Economic Justice Theme.

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Poetry Foundation – Poems for Labor Day

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Institute for Research on Labor and Employment Library

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Labor Arts – Posters

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Labor Arts

Labor Arts

Click here to visit a virtual museum designed to gather, identify and display examples of the cultural and artistic history of working people.

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Black Labor History

Negro History Week was celebrated for the first time in 1926 during the second week in February. This month was chosen because Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln celebrate their birthdays during the month. In 1976 Negro History Week became Black History Month and the rich history of African Americans began to receive special attention during the entire month of February…

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Labor Photos

A comprehensive list of links to labor-related photos…

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Labor Quotes

The use of quotations can be an effective way to engage students in analyzing different points of view. For example, teachers can provide students with the first two quotations below and ask them to explain the point each person is making and state which, in their opinion, they most agree with and provide evidence for their answer…

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